About us

Capetonians, Helen and Winston Lee landed in Vancouver in 1993 and immediately saw the opportunity to import favourite South African products into Canada for the 'homesick' ex-pats.

We were the pioneers of importing S.A. goodies to Vancouver, and are proud to continue this service across Canada and the USA, expanding our range of products as recommended by you - the customer.

We currently supply several associates on a wholesale basis, including selling all of our products online. Anyone expressing an interest in retailing our products should contact us by e-mail.

We do encourage you to email and tell us about all the products that you would like to see for sale. If there is sufficient demand we will consider bringing these products in. Please note that meat, chicken and medicines are not allowed.

There are no membership requirements to purchase from us. We offer the best bottom-line price that we can offer without any gimmicks. Please tell a friend about us and our web site.